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Below Are Just a Few of Many Testimonials That We Received From Our Clients

Healthcare Professionals

John Bray is an incredibly knowledgeable person in the area of spinal manipulation and muscle energy. He will explain exactly what the problem is and what he is doing at all times.  Although I am always hesitant to recommend anyone especially when it comes to backs, he has worked on my back when I was in pain from my neck to my low back and hips.  As a result, I have been able to return to my intense boot camp exercise class pain free.

This winter, I would get attacks of severe pain on the right side of my face around my head to the back of my skull. I endured this for 5 months. I went to doctors with no results. Two treatments with John and I was relieved of the pain and it has not returned.  He is gentle, spends time evaluating and adjusting and the results are amazing.  I have a job that requires a lot of lifting; at the age of 58 I am able to perform my job as well as I did 20 years ago.  I am so grateful for John Bray and I will continue to recommend him to my friends and coworkers. 
- Anne Hill, Occupational Therapist

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I have had the good fortune of working with John in two capacities. The first, as a member of the On-Site Physical Therapy Team and the other as a client. I have been impressed on both accounts.

I have worked with John for more than nine years. I have seen his muscle energy skills get more and more polished with every workshop he has attended. As a team member: I’ve witnessed the transformations of John’s clients, seeing them initially when they walk through the door, many limping in pain. And within an hour, watching them walk out of physical therapy virtually pain-free. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been a client of John’s. I had a golf weekend with some friends. We were supposed to play 90 holes of golf in three days. By the twentieth hole, I had thrown my back out. I was bed-ridden for 3 days. On the fourth day I was able to make it out of bed and get to work. I was very hesitant in asking John for help because I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to move and I definitely didn’t want anyone touching me. But because I have seen so many of John’s successes, I agreed to let him work on me. After one treatment, I was about 75% better. And after two treatments, I was 90% better. If John wasn’t available, I’m convinced that my recovery would have taken much longer affecting my work and more importantly my personal life.

So it is with great pleasure to write this letter on John’s behalf. I am fully confident John would be a great asset with any organization.
- Eric Snider, Exercise Physiologist, Corporate Ergonomist

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It is my personal and professional privilege to write this letter of recommendation for John Bray, ATC. I have had the pleasure of knowing John for 8+ years and he is truly a consummate professional.

John is a highly experienced athletic trainer and administrator who draws upon numerous professional work settings including collegiate, clinic, industry, and the NFL.  He has a tremendous amount of continuing education along with a specialty in manual therapy and muscle energy.  He has the most outstanding manual expertise of any athletic trainer I have ever met.

John is a clean cut, organized, fiscally responsible, and highly skilled professional who has a rare combination of outstanding clinical and administrative skills.  He would be a tremendous asset to any organization that would choose to hire him.  He is a caring, thorough clinician who is very well liked by his clients and clients.  He is an excellent administrator who is well liked and highly respected by his employees.

It is without hesitation and with the strongest confidence that I give John my highest recommendation as a professional for any position he would choose to pursue.
- V. Agbabian, MA, ATC, MedSport Athletic Trainer/Rehabilitation Specialist-Michigan Football

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Sheila Calhoun Testimonial

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This letter is my personal recommendation for John Bray, ATC.  Until recently I was a member of John Bray’s Onsite Work Therapy Team at Pfizer’s Michigan Laboratories in Ann Arbor, MI.  John hired me in as a Physical Therapist to join his program in 2000.  I had the pleasure of working for John until Pfizer announced the closure of that facility in January of 2007.  I watched his program grow from treating just a few work-related injuries to a full blown therapy program for the 2,500 Ann Arbor colleagues.  I found John pleasant to work with, and a highly skilled Athletic Trainer.


In the past couple of years John has turned his clinical energies to learning everything there is to know about manual therapy and muscle energy techniques.  He has spent numerous hours in clinical education training and the practicing of these techniques.  I would definitely qualify him as one of Southeast Michigan’s specialists in these techniques.  I have learned many clinical skills from John in the seven years that I had the privilege of working with him.
- J. Ray, MPT

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I can highly recommend John Bray, ATC as both a care-giver and outstanding individual.  I feel fortunate to have been treated by John and his team over several years. I have made a full recovery from three bulging discs and John’s exercises are now a cornerstone of my daily activities. In addition, I worked directly with John recovering from knee surgery as well. Put in a business perspective John’s work has added a tremendous amount to the productivity of the former Ann Arbor Pfizer site with many colleagues kept at work when they would otherwise be sick or seeking treatment elsewhere. On a more important note I have really enjoyed the personal touch John applies to his work. He obviously deeply cares about the individuals in his care and always takes the time to explain exercises thoroughly. He has taught me, for example, to self-correct most of the common misalignments in my spinal column. I have always enjoyed John’s outlook on life and his infectious sense of humor. He can brighten up an otherwise dull day. it is actually a pleasure to get treated. John has obviously taken continuous improvement very seriously and has taken many new/refresher courses enabling him to be very knowledgeable and experienced in his discipline. John has organized a wonderful set of fundamental core stretching//flexibility exercises which he has readily made electronically available to former clients. John has an extended network of contacts locally including noted physicians and therapists. He is always willing to try and get colleagues the best care tailored for them.

In short John would be a wonderful asset for anyone who wants to tap into his tremendous experience and strength of character. I would be more than willing to entrust my recovery again to John.
- A. D. White, Director Chemistry, Lundbeck Research USA

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I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me with my back problems. I have had back trouble for some 40 years starting with a high school injury and over that time I have visited a variety of specialists in different forms of therapy.

I have been very impressed with your careful diagnosis of the issues and the very effective way that you set about alleviating the problem. The combination of your skillful treatment and the exercises you devised for me have given me one of the most sustained pain free periods I have had.

The effectiveness of the exercises is attested to by the fact that if I skip doing them for a few days I start to feel discomfort and pain recurring, but as soon as I get back to doing the exercises you designed the pain and discomfort disappear and I am able to do many of the things I avoided before such as playing vigorously with my grandson.

Thanks you for all you have done and all the very best to you for the future.
- Dr. A.P. Green, Global Vice President

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I started seeking help from Mr. John Bray in 2005. I have suffered from a low back pain, which was caused by the excessive figure skating, for almost 10 years. I have seen several chiropractors prior to John. Most of them adjust my spine briefly as a mean of treatment. Sometimes it worked but most of the time the nagging pain wouldn’t relent.

When John was introduced to me by a co-worker, I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try. After only a few sessions, my back started to benefit from his comprehensive approach of treatment. He delivers a very personal adjustment package. He stretches, pulls, presses, rotates and also prescribes self-exercise. His way of treating is not simply to smooth the frigid muscles, relax tendons, alleviate the pain temporarily. He targets the roots of the problem and busting them deep down from inside. In line to the hands-on treatment, John also advises the life style guideline which proved to be an added benefit in improving my condition. John also constantly seeks out the opportunity to improve himself by taking training courses. He is not shy to try out the new techniques and often the time, it works fine.

Today, I am almost pain-free and I am happy to be back on the ice. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to John for his help and will not hesitate to refer him to anyone who needs help.
- C. Chen, Clinician

Cox Testimonial

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Please know how much I appreciate all that you did for me when I was at Pfizer on Friday. You were a great help and I have never made such great progress in such a short period of time. Amazing! I never thought I would be able to participate in the Burns Park Run on Sunday. Not only that, I was able to catch up with the winner in the final yards of the 5K to encourage her on to the finish. We were both psyched. Please know how much your professionalism and abilities mean to me.

Would it be too much for me to ask you if you wouldn't mind calling my PT here in Maine to discuss the protocol you used with me? I tried to explain as much of what you did for me as possible, but he had a couple of questions that I couldn't answer. He doesn't have the patches but is willing to try to locate some in our area.

Many thanks for keeping me up and running. I really hadn't been in such a bad way as I was last week since my knee problems before the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trials. You are the man!
- J. Benoit Samuelson

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for John Bray. My wife knows John from many years as leader of the Onsite Work Therapy Team at Pfizer Ann Arbor were she worked as a scientist. She heard from numerous colleagues about John’s special care for clients as well as his high work ethic and in special his passion and dedication for different new techniques like the Muscle Energy Therapy.

I had a terrible accident in 2006, landing from 20 feet on my feet. I had 2 broken vertebras, hip and knee surgery but, the tingles in my leg and the back pain were not solved and year after the accident, incapacitated me from having a normal life. I was not able to sit or walk for more than 2 hours and spend most of the time lying in bed. The doctors referred me to different physical therapy facilities with no results. At this stage, my wife asked John for help and in less than a month, I am a different person. John has built a program specific to the type of back injury I suffered, combining muscle energy techniques with well designed exercises and muscle stimulation. Also he was able to precede a neuromuscular skeletal alignment on my back that was successfully eliminating my limping and most of the pain. John’s help went even further; He recommended me to a specialist in hip injury, has and still is coordinating the two techniques, making things working so much better for me.

In my opinion, well reflected by a 90% recovery from the back pain, John is from far the best therapist in the field of Muscle Energy Techniques combined with other traditional medicine techniques, I found in Michigan. The success of the program he designed specifically for my condition is incontestable and I have now hopes that I will have a fully recovery as I will continue to follow his plan and benefit from his assistance.

I will not hesitate to recommend John to any person in need of a highly skilled therapist John is a wonderful, caring person that has the patience to listen to his clients and the passion and knowledge of accomplishing the needs of an injured person, having as ultimate result, pain release and returning to a normal life.

Any organization that would consider hiring John would have a great benefit of a highly skilled therapist multitask oriented, with a high level of dedication to the clients as well as to the employer.
- A. Faraianu

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Coaches/Athletic Directors

Green Bay Packers Testimonial

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Industrial Clients

I have had the pleasure of working with John and also being treated by him for lower back and hip pain over the last 12 months. On a personal level, John has been able to successfully treat my condition, a constant pain that I have been dealing with for over 15 years, only masking the pain with medications. As a First Line Supervisor for a large utility in the state of Michigan, I have also been able to see first hand the extremely effective techniques that John has used with my employees to cut down on lost time work injuries. John has effectively treated our employees for work related injuries, which prior to his arrival, were costing our company many unnecessary lost time work days.

John has been a central figure in our company successfully rolling out a spinal alignment per shift stretching program. With John’s assistance and fresh input into pre shift stretching, we are currently seeing an approximate eighty percent participation rate among our workforce, which is up from well under the fifty percent participation we had prior to John coming on board with us.

I have been truly impressed with John’s dedication and diligence with our employees and the program that we have put in place and would not hesitate to recommend him on a personal or professional level for any individual or organization looking to cut down on work place injuries.
- K .J. Carey

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