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John Bray is a professional health care practitioner with a long history in sports medicine (ATC). He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse which is recognized as one of the top sports medicine programs nationally. For over 25 years he has practiced in a variety of settings: the National Football League (Green Bay Packers), collegiate/secondary athletics, industrial sports medicine (Park Davis-Warner Lambert, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Auto and Utilities Industries), and has also served physician referrals (client one-on-one recovery programs/home exercise programs).

In an ongoing effort to further expand his expertise in manual therapy, John has taken over 20 years of continuing educational courses (CEU’s), especially in muscle energy techniques (MET’s).   He also assists Dr. Jay Sandweiss, DO, an internationally recognized holistic physician and medical educator, by teaching and demonstrating his techniques at his workshops.

Be Pain Free Without Drugs!

John approaches all consultations with simple and conservative, yet efficient and cost effective methods. The ultimate goal is self independence. Whenever possible, he utilizes manual technique methods that enhance the body's capacity to heal itself. Manual techniques are effective methods of promoting the body's recovery from injury. Some of these methods may be considered "alternative medicine" by some but have proven to be more effective than some prescription drugs and surgical methods used by others.

Service Achievements

John’s manual technique expertise is supported with successful services statistics and awards including:

  • Industrial Sports Medicine Services: Internationally recognized as a Model Program in 2006 by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; Michigan utilities company (2008-2011) success: three OSHA recordable back injury cases from over eight thousand injury consultations.
  • Private Client Services: 90% of clients report a significant reduction in pain after only one treatment.


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